Action Nevada, Inc. is a driving force in the mission to advance policies that spur economic prosperity for Nevada and the nation, defend individual and states’ rights, and enhance our national security.



Rule of Law

Ensuring equal application of the law to all individuals, regardless of status, and adherence to the Constitution.
✓ Putting an end to judicial activism.
✓ Ensuring law & order, and elimination soft-on-crime laws.

✓ Limit federal overreach on issues better managed locally and regionally

National Security

Safeguarding our sovereignty and way of life by defending our nation at home and abroad.
✓ Funding our armed forces and ensuring military readiness.

✓ Securing our border security and implementing effective immigration policies.

✓ Enhancing our nation’s cybersecurity infrastructure and threat detection abilities.

Individual Liberties

Returning to our first principles of individual freedom, right to liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
✓ Promoting limited government.
✓ Embracing individual rights.

✓ Prioritizing personal responsibility.

Economic Prosperity

Failed liberal policies, burdensome regulation, and high taxes are hindering our ability to unleash true economic prosperity.
✓ Regain America’s energy independence.
✓ Promote free market, pro-business policies.

✓ Fight for more control for Nevadans on economic and environmental issues.

Championing Strong Families

Strengthening the fabric of our nation by restoring an emphasis on moral values and the importance of strong families.
✓ Defending the sanctity and dignity of life.

✓ Protecting parental rights and expanding educational choice opportunities for Nevadans.

✓ Returned focus on improving foundational skills of reading, writing, and arithmetic for Nevada children.

Second Amendment Rights

Safeguarding the right of the American people to keep and bear arms.
✓ Encouraging responsible gun ownership.
✓ Resisting restrictive gun legislation.
✓ Enforcing laws already on the books.